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We have more than 35 years of experience in sizing, manufacturing and sales of thermoplastic equipment and systems

Installed in an area of 500m², LAB McFluid, authorized by Ritmo SpA, is equipped to calibrate and maintain equipment at factory standards.

We are independent and creative. We manufacture or import directly to the end customer and in record time, the best solutions for water, sewage and gas infrastructure, industry, mining, irrigation, fire, HVAC and renewable energies.

We add experience with intercontinental partnerships to bring the best in fluid conduction.


Entrepreneurship with engineering and quality of life, corporate and environmental governance.


We seek to develop, produce and sell high-quality solutions and encourage our employees to constantly evolve with a focus on customers and results.


Solve with the best application of thermoplastics.

Innovate with high quality materials globally.

Technology in favor of the environment.



Where it all happens: Our warehouse

Presence in more than 1000 cities

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